WEB - conference by one click
Cozy virtual space for coworking
WEB - conference by one click
Cozy virtual space for coworking
Now you have your own web office and can meet participants for online communication absolutely anywhere.
Download needed presentations, open video from Youtube with favorite music, invite comoderators, create additional rooms for different purposes, play with comfortable tools for demonstration, drawing and recording.
No software to download, simply send a link with an access to your clients, partners, patients, students or friends. All they need only one click to join you!
"When choosing the reliable system for running video conversations between dozens of applications, first thing that you pay attentions to is the simplicity of usage. VIZAVIO – is a brilliant solution with intuitively understandable as well as full collection of all needed functions, even beyond the competition in prices. Having your own Web Office in virtual coworking is convenient, functional and undoubtedly suitable for near future."

Richard Branwood
Digital entrepreneur and investor
Everything you need to teach and participate in an real- time collaboration.
Send public and private messages.
Hold visual meetings, create webinars.
Communicate using high quality audio.
Express yourself.
Breakout Rooms
Group users into breakout rooms for team collaboration.
Poll your users anytime
Screen Sharing
Share your screen.
Muti-user whiteboard
Write and draw together.
VIZAVIO is the system for creating comfortable web coworking.
Everything you need to teach and participate in an real- time collaboration.
Business & startups
Secured, digital coworking space is suitable for running business conversations and project discussions. Meet your business partners, team members, customers, and freelancers. Get together and collaborate in one coworking. Discuss, show slides, share your screen with others.
Professional solution for teachers online. Engage your students wherever they are. Exchange of audio, video, slides, chat and screens in real time. Students answer questions, vote, share their opinions, work in small rooms, write and draw together on the multi- user whiteboard.
Coaching and consulting
Share your knowledge with online courses and training sessions in closed groups and private meetings in personal coworking. Create webinars, display your educational materials, wright on the whiteboard, use polls for tests. Teach and train your audience. Monetize your expertise.
Medicine, religion
Start offering your web consultations and helping online. Everything you need to work remote and stay connected, to run any type of webinar.
NPO, IT-teams, creative collaboration
Create your own brilliant projects together in one space on one board, stay connected, share your screen, download the summary of discussion, organize brainstorming session in breakout rooms.
Comfy nest for friendly conversations. Try joining the Mafia online! Excellent for video streaming, meetings and intellectual clubs.
Why people choose us?
We really love everything smart, we always develop and will to reach the top in our sphere, that is why clients may be confident in our will for convenient innovations. Moreover, we use this system too.
Our team has work experience in IT sector over 20 years and we work with government enterprises, schools, in addition, we have a large experience in working in business sector.
We will to make your business, study process or communication comfortable as much as possible. Therefore, we offer you as simply tools as headphones or computer buttons. Just connect!
Our employees are always ready to answer your questions and listen to your suggestions. Support is available all weekdays as well as weekends. System is intuitively recognizable, however if you need help you can always find needed information on website.
The entire important arsenal that is needed for creating productive online coworking is in your hands. Presentations, video conversations, webinars, possibility of giving different tasks in groups and using the board all together. Any type of virtual collaborations will be achievable.
We offer a solution for creating mobile coworking with your online address of virtual office, which can be used for a meeting everywhere, where is the internet connection.
Plans and pricing of creating your own Web Office
Build strong relationships with your audience through web-coworking.
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Our clients say
All that you need for ideal process
"It's really nice to offer an opportunity for a meeting in such a well-organized internet space to my clients. Easy, independent and nothing excessive"
Alex Larkins
Sales manager
"Of course, it is really convenient that it is possible to work with the other coach. Together we create mini groups, and during the time the one checks the assignments, I prepare the new ones."
Samuel Willson
Business coach
"Our group is working on creating a new song even being far away from each other, we write notes on one board, record the video for the history. There is the feeling that we are together and it increases the productivity."
Sarah Lewin
Feel free to contact us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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